The Boss'es voice

remember!...I see you from everywhere...

Those are reading the news needs a little step of humor, we propose a selection of real sayings that shows well who is the Boss at Ananda...


"I've heard that some of you have decided to go to Master directly. This is wrong. You can't get to Master, except through me."

Mr.Walters, while speaking to a group of Ananda members by phone from Italy, during a meeting, Sunday, 9-13-98. As reported by an eyewitness. funny...

"If you wish to stay on here, you will need to attune yourself to this expression of Master's ray, through Swami as the spiritual director. If you don't wish to do that, then you will need to move on. Also, if you think about it, even a little, you will come to realize that the idea of "loyal opposition" has no valid place on a spiritual path that holds as one of it's prime tenents, the ideal of attunement."

Parvati Hansen, Long time Ananda member, March 20, 1996, in an open letter to the Ananda community.

"It is also vitally important at Ananda that other energies not be allowed to intrude themselves, as if to bypass Kriyananda and go straight to our gurus for guidance and inspiration...Yes, you can "go straight to Master," or to any other master in our line of gurus. Try it, please, if you like. See if they will accept you. Others have done so, however, and I have yet to see one of them flourish."

J. Donald Walters, in a twenty-three page letter to the Ananda community, posted on Ananda's website in December of 1998. (And removed, without explanation, several weeks later)

"Simply stated, most of us living at Ananda Village have chosen to remain loyal to Swami Kriyananda as a friend, teacher and spiritual guide."

Ananda member Steve Webber, in the "Other Voices" section of The Union newspaper, July 2, 1998.

"Swami (Kriyananda) is so highly evolved, that there is no need to go anywhere else; Ananda has it's own living guru"

Ananda minister "Prahlad" Levin, during a Sunday Service, 1995 or '96, as reported by an eyewitness, now a former member.


 'Nuff said?

From the Ananda Final Vows of Membership: (written by J. Donald Walters):

"...As a means of attaining Self-Realization, I pledge my cooperative obedience and loyalty to Ananda, to those members who are responsible for guiding the community in it's various aspects, and, above all, to the living representative of the Ananda line of gurus: the Spiritual Director of Ananda World BrotherhoodVillage." (J. Donald Walters)

From "Rules of Conduct for Members" pg. 27

Mr. Walters in a Community meeting, 1-15-96: (from audiotape)

"Master comes to you through me."

Mr. Walters, in community meeting attended by former member, (K.J.) 2-23-96:

"Master has unconditional Love for you, and that unconditional love comes to you through me." the end...

One former member testified in court that;

While he was a member in training, ministers and teachers would lead group prayers that included Mr.Walters name;

"Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend beloved God; Great Gurus, saints and sages of all religions, friend and guide Swami Kriyananda...."

That a pair of Mr. Walters slippers was put on the altar in the monastery temple, where members would sometimes touch them to absorb 'spiritual energy' from them.

The greater ever told!

 So, why you're waiting? go straigth to expose yours!



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